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Daryl G, whose actual name is Dario Gavazzi, was born in Italy, in Iseo, near Brescia.
His passion for music starts as he was 15, when he listens to Electronic Music, mainly progressive, on radio.
At 25 he starts performing as DJ in the pubs and discos of his area, and decides to create his own music.
Since 2012 his first productions in Italian are published in album of "Innovative Records". Among those:
"Enjoy Your Fantasy", "Melody Waves"; and "Sound Dimension"
After a break, he decides to restart with the Trance productions working with the Irish Label “Tranceformer
Recordings”. The first track with them, entitled “Heart mystery”, is out in November 2020.
In February 2021 Daryl G produces a new track - "Science Fiction" – always with Tranceformer. In here
sounds linked to trance music of the ‘90s.
The famous Paul Van Dyk, renown German DJ and producer, includes in three different mixes this track.
In September 2021 Paul Van Dyk again inserts a new track by Daryl G entitled "Angel Melody"; in one fusion
set between hard and melodic rhythm at the same time.
Today Daryl G goes live in various places, swinging among different music genres.

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